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Can a female use makeup during Umrah?

Umrah is a minor pilgrimage to the Holy city of Makkah. It has some rites that serve as its foundation; without them, Umrah cannot be done. Muslims from all over the world perform it frequently. By entering the state of Ihram, it will strictly permit you to follow certain rulings.

However, Umrah has different rules for men and women. When entering the state of Ihram, both men and women should be careful about its restrictions. One of the most asked questions is about using makeup during Umrah. Most females are confused about it. So, read this whole context “Can a female use makeup during Umrah?” to ensure that you obtain the right and correct response. It will facilitate you to learn the ruling during your pilgrimage.

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Using makeup during Umrah

The rules of Umrah depend on its four main rituals. Assuming the Ihram state is the first ritual. By maintaining this state you will carry out the remaining rituals (Sa’i, Tawaf, and Halq/Taqsir). To perform Umrah, you must adhere to the rules.

One of the important rules for ladies is wearing makeup. Ladies are not allowed to use and wear makeup during Umrah as well as in Hajj. Because these are the products which make the face decorative and enhance changes. No doubt, the makeup products are beauty care and decorative cosmetics. But ladies should avoid these products during Umrah, especially when they are in Masjid al-Haram.

Makeup products contain animal fats and unnatural, harsh chemicals. Perfume is the main part of these products. So, once ladies enter the state of Ihram, they cannot use scented products. During Umrah, your goal should be spiritual beauty, not physical. A pilgrimage needs purity of soul, and it will clear all the past sins.

Forbidden acts of Ihram

Once men and women entered Ihram, the following acts are not permitted to do:

  • Using perfume or fragrance
  • Wearing sewn/stitched clothes and shoes
  • Hunting
  • Killing insects
  • Cutting nails and hair
  • Intercourse or sexual activity
  • Wearing makeup
  • Covering face and head

What should ladies wear for Umrah?

Ladies are not advised to wear any particular dress for Umrah. They can dress whatever they want for the Ihram state, but the whole attire should be according to Islamic tradition. The perfect dress for ladies can be an abaya as it will cover the entire body of a woman. Most of the ladies wear black and white colour abayas during their pilgrimage.

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Can ladies wear socks during Umrah?

It is permitted for a woman to cover her feet and can wear socks in the state of Ihram. A woman should not expose her feet in front of non-mahram men during Umrah or in any other circumstance. Socks do not need to be black during Umrah. The socks’ colour can be any other than black, but the thing is that they should cover ankle bones.

Can a woman cover her face during Umrah?

It is not allowed for a woman to cover her face and hands while in Ihram. This is the sign of Ihram to uncover her face. She is incorrect if she hides her face. Same like that men are also not allowed to wear a cap on the head and stitched clothes.


In conclusion, it is not recommended for a woman to wear makeup during Umrah. The goal here is your spiritual, not physical beauty. Even, pilgrims cannot use scented perfume or anything that contains perfume. Once you have done your Umrah packages, you should be aware of these rules.


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