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RFID Wallet

How does RFID protection work?

Skimming, digital pickpocketing and contactless theft are topics that you have often hear about in recent years. Regularly newspaper or the TV-news report about people who have their wallets being drained empty, without being very aware of it.

While the thieves’ guild used to go out on the street to get your purse unnoticed, that is very different today. With the emergence of contactless payment and paying with your mobile phone, criminals have devised smart ways to be able to plunder your account unnoticed. In this blog you will read all about RFID protection, how digital pickpocketing works, how we have incorporated RFID protection in our products and we will share four important tips for how to prevent digital pickpocketing.

How does digital pickpocketing actually work?

We obviously know a lot more about leather bags and accessories than about digital pickpocketing. And gladly so. Still we want to show you briefly how childishly simple it is for criminals to get to your money. You are at your most vulnerable when you keep your payment cards stored loosely in your jacket or pocket. Criminals can withdraw an amount from your account with a portable payment device just by standing close to you with it. In a busy metro, tram or bus this is a piece of cake. Although this involves relatively small amounts (for large amounts you have to enter your code), but it is still a waste of your hard earned pennies! Fortunately it is very simple to prevent all this misery. Keep your payment cards in an RFID Men wallets.

How does RFID protection work?

In virtually all your cards an RFID chip is incorporated. This chip allows you to make a contactless payment. Super convenient. With the introduction of contactless payment, various bodies such as the consumer association and various banks already warned about a new phenomenon: digital pickpocketing.

Soon the first wallets and covers with aluminium foil around it appeared. Aluminium foil stops radiation and prevents contactless payment. Soon after the first metal cases with RFID protection were marketed. Not much later the first wallet with RFID protection was sold. The development of RFID protection has developed to the point that it can be incorporated in wallets by means of a foil. With the introduction of our brand in 2013, we decided as one of the first brands to provide our full range of Costume Photo wallet with RFID protection.

RFID Wallet

Let’s take a look at some facts about the RFID protection that we use:

  • An ultra-thin foil film stops the radiation. This film has a thickness of 100 microns. 100 micrometers is thin. Very thin. 12 times as thin as aluminum foil and 100 times as thin as printing paper!
  • This film fully complies with the REACH standard.
  • Specially developed for shielding electromagnetic waves. It screens all relevant frequencies with a range of 125 kHz LF to 13.56 MHz HF.

The foil is incorporated in an invisible way on the inside of our American Flag wallet. While nowadays a wallet comes equipped with RFID protection, our choice in 2013 to process RFID protection in all our leather wallets was quite advanced.

Apart from the fact that all our leather wallets are equipped with RFID protection, you can also easily recognize them in our web shop by the RFID logo. Also on the inside every RFID wallet is provided with the RFID logo.

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