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Tips and Tricks to Prevent Car Door Dings

What could be more annoying than getting back into your car to see a new ding or scrape on the door? Unfortunately, dings occur, whether it is from the vehicle in front of you, a stray shopping cart, or a careless bystander. Car door dings can occur at any time of the year, but holiday shopping is a prime time for them because of the enormous crowds.

Dings are unavoidable, but you can take precautions to prevent them. Here are some tried-and-true strategies to help safeguard your car and other automotive accessories.

The best strategy for preventing car door dings is to reduce your contact with other reckless drivers or use car door protectors. You will have a lower probability of getting a dent if you park at the far end of the lot where nobody else is about to walk. Additionally, parking in an end place can cut your risk in half.

Unfortunately, most people see cars as nothing more than simple gadgets. When it only pertains to the one they own, that is acceptable. The issue is that they frequently treat other people’s possessions in the same manner as theirs.

Avoiding dents on other cars’ doors is simple. Do whatever action is necessary to prevent your door from smashing into the one next to you. However, for some people, this level of politeness is a little too much to ask.

The best you can do anytime you have to leave your automobile in a parking lot is stack the deck in your favour. Although you might not be able to avoid the possibility of a car door ding ultimately, you can at least make an effort.

How To Prevent Parking Lot Door Dents?

Understanding the parking lot situation is essential to prevent dents. Consider the location as a potential crime scene for a moment. By paying attention to a handful of these factors, you may select a location with the lowest chance of dings.

The most obvious advice is to park as far back in the parking lot as possible. Though that’s not necessarily poor advice, it sometimes falls short of deterring the oddballs from choosing to park close to you.

  • Assess The Car Next to You

Examine the car you are about to park next to carefully. The presence of apparent damage, such as dents and scratches, is a good sign that the owner doesn’t care about their car’s condition or the surroundings. There are a few repeat offenders regarding vehicles that are likely to ding your door. It’s something to remember when choosing a neighbour to park next to.

  • Avoid The Shopping Cart Return Areas

The infamous runaway shopping cart is another danger in mall parking lots. Most folks may safely return their coach to the designated place now that they have functioning brains. Sadly, a few people let their laziness get in the way and decided to push the cart in the general direction and call it good enough.

Your car could sustain significant damage from a runaway cart. Try to avoid the area as much as possible, and if you must park nearby, look for some high ground. In this manner, the carts will naturally be moving away from your car and downhill.

  • Park Next to Another Vehicle on The Passenger Side

Although there is some risk involved, the chances are good. If you stop to consider it, every vehicle in the parking lot will undoubtedly have people entering and exiting the driver’s side. Now imagine how many of those vehicles may not be carrying any occupants. It’s not a given, but it’s something to think about.

  • Choose A Vehicle That Will Be Staying for More Time Than You Will

Whether they are company vehicles or you are familiar with their routine, you may be able to identify certain cars. If you know, you’ll be going before they do, parking next to them might help you avoid a car door ding.

  • Pay Attention to More Than Simply Other Vehicles

There are other things in a parking lot than other cars’ doors that can harm yours. You are solely responsible for these if they startle you when you open your door. Additionally, it’s a good idea to avoid crowded walkways where children and bikes may be whizzing by. 


Chances are, whether you’re heading to the grocery store, office, or doctor’s office, you’ll need to park your car in a parking space adjacent to other vehicles. By considering your surroundings before selecting a parking location, keep in mind these tips to prevent car door dings on your automobile.

In the end, a few car door dents can be unavoidable. Some businesses provide paintless dent repair if you can’t stand the look of them. Instead of painting the mark, this technique for removing dents forces the dent out from the inside using specialised tools. It’s a straightforward remedy; in many cases, you can achieve the job while you wait.

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