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What is Biology & the scope of Biological Science

Biology is the scientific study of life, such as plants, creatures, and microbes, and their roles as well as their contributions to the real world. It is also the study of how all types of lives interact with their surroundings. It is a very interesting subject to write assignments on. So, students can take the best assignment help from experts.

History of  Biology

The Greek philosophers in the fourth and fifth centuries largely contributed in several ways to investigating living organisms. Thus, the Greeks used the term first “biology.”

In the 5th century, Alcmaeon of Crotona was the first one who showed interest in the study of human anatomy and brain function because of his natural curiosity.

He was the first to begin studying animal natures, and his work inspired many followers. Before that time, people generally believed that death and the types of aftereffects of disease and health, as well as the distribution of riches, were all controlled by God. But he proved it wrong and set the best aspects of biology. With the best Do my assignment facility that students will have the best idea about it.

Components of Biology

Biology is mainly divided into three primary branches. Such are –

  • Study of animals – Zoology
  • Study of plants – Botany
  • Study of microscopic & unicellular organisms – Microbiology

Explained Branches of Biology –

     Most common Category of Microbes –

The study of specific species (virology, bacteriology, zoology, etc.) is included in this type of this category.

     The connection between living things and their surroundings

The study of ecosystems and the species mainly inhabit them is essential for many scientific domains.

     Function and their structure:

The study of the structure and function of living organisms is the main focus of many sub-disciplines within biology.

The Sector of Applied Biology:

Applied biology comprises aspects like biotechnology.

Progress and Alterations of Biology –

Growth and changes we see daily have the cores in the analysis of evolution, embryology, & genetics, among several sites of biology.

Biophysics, Taxonomy, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Immunology, Cell Biology, Molecular Pathology, Biology, Radiobiology, and several other topics were also part of biology.

Opportunities after pursuing biology –

Biology is an interesting topic because it is also a scientific domain that can help us understand the world as well as a profession that can provide us with a prospective future and financial security.

Biologists from several subfields write & publish a wide range of literary works, including newsletters, journals, books, magazines, essays, periodicals, & more. Several medical professionals include nurses, researchers, doctors, pharmacists, and those who work in the academies.

The Scope of Molecular Biology:

Biologists are involved in several areas of medical research and development, including medication discovery, stem cell study, and others.

Here are a few things you will know about how biology can be used in the real world:


It provides necessary details on the application of fertilizers, pesticides, & insecticides. It has extensive use in improving crop yields & quality, creating disease-resistant cultivars, etc. The study of biology also includes the study of agriculture-related important topics like field and soil upkeep and the nutritional quality of different plant species.


Several elements come from plants and animals that make several types of raw materials that are used in several businesses. The research of animals and plants is essential to the functioning of an economy. Dairy, leather, food, jute, textile, paper, and other similar products are the main parts of the industries.


It is said that medicine is a gift of the medical field. It doesn’t matter if the illness is mild or very high. There must be every type of drug available to treat it. Vaccines, pharmaceuticals and steroids are all several types of options. As an example, the present pandemic has been resolved by in-depth research on the virus and the development of several vaccines.

     Preservation of the Biosphere

In today’s world, protecting our ecosystem is crucial. Protecting ecological equilibrium is becoming a genuine concern. Through the making of zoological parks, botanical gardens, sanctuaries, etc., the best knowledge gained from the study of biology helps in halting the extinction of fauna and flora and protecting their native habitats and other endemic areas.


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