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What so Special in Black Water other than its Colour?

As we all know, water makes up 60-75% of the human body weight. It is found in bodily fluids like blood, lymph, digestive fluids, saliva, and cerebrospinal fluid. Do you hear about black water or alkaline black water? In 2020, it comes into the limelight and people are very curious to know what kind of water is this.

The fascinating thing about this water is its color, people think that this taste very different from normal water. A number of celebrities are seen carrying a bottle of black alkaline water to their gyms or even to cop a cool airport look.

What is so special in black water other than its color?

Actually, it contains fulvic acid (FvA) and other minerals or vitamin additives, so it’s also called “fulvic water” and “natural mineral alkaline water”. Black water has a higher pH and alkalinity, making it less acidic than most bottled drinking water. In scientific research, it is also reported that consuming Black water leads to improve health and reduced diseases.

Benefits Of Blackwater: Some research on fulvic acid suggested that –

  • It improves gut health by promoting the growth of good gut bacteria.
  • Help in the absorption of electrolytes.
  • It Has antioxidant properties that may reduce free radical damage and inflammation.
  • It prevents gastric acid secretion, gall bladder emptying, and removing toxins.
  • It is beneficial for those having diabetes by reducing HbA1c and blood glucose levels.
  • It is good for bones. It may also aid in augmenting the metabolism.
  • Some researches indicate that it helps in improving longevity by slowing down the aging factor and increasing survival functions.

Is black water can replace normal water?

Nowadays it’s a trend that people follow the same thing that celebrities are following. So, the use of black water by celebrities to promote this water is just a marketing gimmick.

This is expensive not everyone can buy this on daily basis. It’s not necessary to drink this for good health, just drink a lot of normal water, and exercise with healthy food to stay healthy.

Disadvantages of black water

Some reports suggested that there is some side effect because of the increased consumption of black water. Side effects include vomiting, nausea, and altered pH levels (alkalosis).

Some research claimed that high consumption of black water intake can bring about changes in the blood pH but may cause changes in the urinary pH. Research on rats showed that it can lead to the death of cardiac cells and retard growth.

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