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Why Get Art Prints Instead of Original Paintings?

The term “print” refers to any picture produced on paper by a press from a board that has been previously engraved and inked (wood, metal, stone, etc.) An original painting is reproduced as an art print. To create fine art copies of the work, these prints are frequently mass-produced utilising a technique known as photomechanical transfer, which involves photographically transferring the source image. For the ultimate art print experience, visit Art Print Australia’s fine pieces of Art Prints Online items. 

What distinguishes art prints from originals? 

An original piece of art is a handcrafted creation made by the artist, which is the main distinction between it and an art print. As a result, the original is transformed into an original creation. An art print is simply a copy of the original piece of art; there may be a few or many of them. An art print is typically quite flat and lacks the rough lines of an artist’s brush. The print usually has a dot matrix design that looks like a photo from a magazine if you look closely enough. The art print also lacks the rough edges present on an original hand-painted canvas and has sharp, smooth edges instead. pencil lines are also missing from the original art prints. 

Money Saving Option

Because reproduction art prints are “open edition,” which means that there is no restriction on the number of copies that may be created and sold, they are always less expensive than original paintings. Perfect for a low-cost home improvement project that doesn’t sacrifice quality or durability.

Flexibility in size and shape 

An art print is a reproduction, therefore unlike an original painting, it may be reproduced on any size or shape of paper. So, a large, rectangular original artwork that measures 1 m by 2 m can be reduced to a small, 20 × 20 cm print, or the opposite. This allows you the freedom to select the ideal print for your room and house. There are also plenty of further options.

No quality is compromised 

Giclée art prints are non-fading, highly pigmented reproductions with great quality. The print lasts forever and includes all the nuances, colour and tonal fluctuations, and visual texture of the original painting. The prints that offer remarkable quality are the new ones that were created from the originals. The identical art prints are available in Art Prints Australia’s New Prints Sydney collection.

Less pressure to buy 

An art print is not a costly purchase. Some painting prints make the space your own, the ideal affordable option, if you don’t live in your “forever” home (if you’re abroad, on vacation, renting and not sure when your lease is up, planning to move soon, a digital nomad, or just not sure when you’ll come next) but still want to feel at home. You can also purchase the best Beach Prints Australia products from our Coastal and Mediterranean. Collection to experience the expansiveness of the water.

Beach Prints Australia

Contemporary Art Prints 

Modernism has many faces as you will find great classics as well as modern wall art such as graphic Illustrations and photographs. We delight abstract art fans with designs by well-known artists. Art prints of the works of modern masters are also particularly popular. They give a different view of the design, relate to the history of the work and deal with it on a meta-level. Look for yourself! If you want, you can also order modern or contemporary wall art with frames. And by choosing the material, you can influence the effect of the new artwork. 

Contemporary art prints

 Whether a painting, a photograph or a graphic design, modernism has touched a variety of art styles. Contemporary art prints are often bought in a large format, which gives the design more space and thus a special effect. Thus, modern wall art looks not only spacious but also very elegant so that you that can get a real eye-catcher in your home. We recommend displaying such large art prints in rooms with sufficient wall space – for example, the bedroom and living room are ideal. At Prints Australia we make sure the modern wall art arrives safely packaged and in good condition, even in large format. 








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