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Arabescato Marble and How It Is Different from Carrara & Calacatta Marbles?

Quarried in the Carrara region in Italy, Arabescato is a highly sought-after marble with medium quantities of slabs or tiles available. What makes Arabescato marble unique is its soft white background color with dark dusty gray veins on the slabs often giving the impression of jagged white islands floating above a deep gray lake. The combination of these two qualities is the reason why this particular marble is one of the most popular choices for kitchen countertops, wall & floor panels, splashbacks, and most bathrooms. As with Calacatta, Arabescato is often used for excellent book-matched applications because its veining allows for the creation of different and unique patterns and shapes. The two famous quarries that produce Arabescato marble are Corchia and Vagli, however, there are lesser-known quarries like Faniello, Cervaiole, and Arni that also produce excellent high-quality Arabescato marble. 

Difference between Arabescato with Carrara and Calacatta marbles

If you are looking for a marble that has a distinctive grain and color but is also reasonably priced, then Arabescato is a great choice. Considered an intermediary between Carrara and Calacatta because not only has a strong white background color with dark veins that are highly sought after by customers, but the price is not as high as Calacatta; This means that it is a perfect choice in terms of quality and price. Carrara marble can be identified by its often grayer background color with more subtle or absent veins, while Arabescato is much whiter and displays predominantly gray veins across the slabs. Both are very compact marbles.

The key difference between Arabescato and Calacatta is that the former has denser veins and fills most of the slabs, while the Calacatta has stronger light gray veins that are slightly larger but with less density on the slabs. One interesting thing about this particular marble is that it is very compact and very sturdy Arabescato slabs are usually not as problematic as Calacatta for this particular reason. Calacatta often has more natural defects such as natural cracks or tears (processed with resin), instead, Arabescato blocks are usually more intact.

However, keep in mind that this does not mean that Arabescato blocks and slabs are not resin treated, 95% of all blocks and slabs undergo the same resin and net treatment as Calacatta for safety and structural assurance reasons. During the block-cutting process, it is often unclear what internal problems are involved, the buyer who buys the block intending to cut the slab for individual sale or in bulk does not want to risk losing his investment, so the resin treatment is considered insurance against this. 


The price of Arabescato is based per square meter and is determined first by the quarry after the block is mined, and then by the manufacturer after the block is processed and then resin cures the slabs. While the price per square meter can vary greatly depending on the size, color, and veining, it is still classified as a lower-budget marble than Calacatta and therefore you can expect the price to typically ranges between 120 and 290 Euros per square meter of the slab.

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