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How Digital NFT Sneakers are Changing the Game

Digital NFT Sneakers


NFTs are trending! But before heading to what’s making the digital avatars of sneakers ever so popular, almost like a craze, we must get into the idea of what NFT actually is. So here it is, NFT is a non-fungible token that doesn’t exist physically but is there digitally in cyberspace. NFTs exist with a unique identification number and metadata employed as identification for its owner.

The Rise of NFTs in the Sneaker Industry

NFTs are super blooming and especially in the sneaker market. The metaverse is flooded with newly conceptualized and trending designs of sneakers all across the globe. It is pretty amazing that something that can’t be physically touched or worn is still priced at $1000, and people are actually paying for it. It would be no mistake to say that the rise of NFTs in the sneaker market is just getting started. The first ever idea of NFT in sneakers was headed by Nike, which started it with the idea of creating digital sneakers and artifacts by generating a market craze.

How Digital NFT Sneakers are Changing the Game

For all your sneaker dreams, you get one more platform to buy them, and that is in the NFT space. The apparel giant Nike is all set to collaborate with the RTFKT studios, a leading brand in this segment that can help leverage cutting-edge innovation and change the entire game of how these physical sneakers look in the metaverse. As per a claim made by RTFKT in February, there were almost 600 copies which got sold within six minutes of its launch, costing $3.1 million at the time. Grimes is still catching up, and it sold digital artwork worth $6 million in spring on 1st March. The metaverse-ready digital avatar of sneakers has become a constant hit since then and is here to stay.

The Benefits of Having a Digital Sneaker

It is time that you start flaunting your luxury collectibles of garments and sneakers in virtual space.

  • One of the most significant benefits of having a digital NFT sneaker is you can quickly get into the hype and culture of the virtual luxury segment.
  • Your direct to avatar could be the next big thing you can flaunt about in your next meeting with friends when you digitally buy the NFT sneakers in the metaverse.
  • You can own an exclusive collection that still doesn’t exist in the physical world of the sneaker market.
  • Your traditional piece of existing physical sneaker can not stand with the ultra gimmicky version of the virtual sneaker.
  • Become a part of augmented reality. This is certainly one of the most appreciated benefits of owning a digital sneaker. Besides all the show-off and flaunting, you can be a part of exponentially blooming metaverse technologies.

Investing in Digital NFT Sneakers

The shoe is getting all the importance it deserves and is worth more than gold in the NFT marketplace. If you are a real-time digital investor, it is a great time to invest your dollars in the flourishing industry of NFTs and bitcoins. Investing at the right time in the right domain will surely pay huge returns in the future.


The future is getting artificially intelligent, and it is time when IT technologies are making the most of this time. NFTs are emerging as a luxury asset class and will evolve as the biggest game player. Whether it’s sneakers or any other NFT available in the metaverse, it will surely hit the right chords and make great money online for its sellers and buyers.

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