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How does Salon Air Ventilation and Virus Extraction work for air purification?

The special needs of the salon require the room to be continuously and effectively ventilated so that guests and salon staff are not harmed by product vapors. Not all products are harmful, and not all harmful fumes have an unpleasant odor. Making sure you get the problem right before there is a problem is crucial to the long-term success of your business. As we all know, good salon ventilation keeps the indoor air fresh and healthy. Like the lungs, the Salon must be able to breathe to ensure that fresh air enters and dirty air comes out. Indoor air can accumulate high humidity, odors, gases, dust, and other airborne pollutants.

To keep indoor air fresh, Salon Air Ventilation is needed to dilute these indoor pollutants. To ensure good air quality, enough air must be brought in and circulated to all areas of the living room. For almost any living room, windows and structural elements help bring in fresh air. Many salons have additional mechanical systems to add to the flow. Some sources, such as stoves and bathrooms, require special ventilation to be able to remove the pollution they create.

At Ravair, our living room ventilation system helps reduce indoor air pollution, but it works best when combined with protection from known sources of air pollution outside the building. For example, the only way to reduce the effects of secondhand smoke indoors is to ban smoking inside or near entrances. Outdoor air can also cause indoor pollution, so it’s important to take steps to reduce outdoor air pollution. So, if you need living room ventilation for your living room, visit our website and buy today.

Why is air ventilation so important for salon?


An essential part of a salon or spa’s environment is a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Indoor air temperature, quality and ventilation are an important part of this environment and the right equipment is needed to make it all work together perfectly. Here’s what you need to know about Salon Air Ventilation system in your salon so your clients can enjoy their services in a relaxing atmosphere.

All salon products contain many chemical compounds and their fumes have adverse effects on the health of clients and staff. Without enough air exchange, harmful particles will accumulate. Concentrations of these vapors cause dizziness, nausea, allergies, and many serious and chronic illnesses. In addition, the living room is not well ventilated living room air all moisture accumulates inside, windows sweat, mold appears.

It has been proven that rooms without adequate ventilation have to be repaired ten times more often, sometimes even overhauling. Therefore, these reasons will force you to buy a living room vent for your sedan.

How does our Virus Extraction work?


As we know, the virus needs to be purified for many studies where the characteristics or structure of the virus needs to be distinguished from the host cell or the culture medium, such as analyzing the structure of viral polypeptides and function of membrane glycoproteins.

As coronavirus causes COVID-19 to spread around the world, and Ravair offers Virus Extraction service to support and provide expertise to help countries use replication real-time reverse transcription – polymerase chain reaction (RT – real-time PCR), one of the most effective methods. It is precise laboratory method for the detection monitoring and study of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Our virus extraction also works on viruses in homes and living rooms. It is the perfect method to purify the air, purifying bad air.

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