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How to download video from twitter for pc ,android, iphone and ipad

Who is twitter user knowing: the platform is a space that mixes memes and cute videos. Even this particularity of the app makes many people have questions about how to download video from Twitter to share with their contacts quickly and conveniently.

Have you found a good music video on Twitter and are looking for an easy way to download it on your iPhone, Android and computer? Below, we’ll show you many ways you can use to download Twitter videos on iPhone, Android and even your computer.

How to download video from Twitter without program?

Now, let’s go to the step by step of how to download video from Twitter without any program. The first option is the Twitter Video Download:

  1. Access the website URL.
  2. Paste the URL of the Twitter video you want to download in the site search field.
  3. Choose the quality of the video, which can be conventional or in HD.
  4. Select the folder that you want to save the contents.

An important detail is that all these sites or apps are completely free and unlimited. That is, you can download as many videos as you want without paying anything for it.

How to save Twitter videos on the iPhone camera roll

You can save Twitter videos to the camera roll on your iPhone in two ways.

1. By Shortcuts

Before you begin, open the Settings app> > Allow Untrusted Shortcuts > Allow > enter your device password.

If you can’t enable it to open the Shortcuts app and run any shortcuts, you see in My Shortcuts. Then go back and turn on the toggle to Allow untrusted shortcuts.

– Add the “Twitter Video Downloader V2.6” shortcut to your library. To do this, tap the link, scroll to the bottom, and tap Add untrusted shortcut.

– Open the Twitter app. Then visit the tweet with the video you want to download.

– Now tap the share icon. Tap Share Tweet via… Then scroll through the sharing worksheet and tap Twitter Video Download.

– Allow the shortcut to run. Give the necessary permissions (tap OK) if prompted.

– Now you can select the quality of the video. This will start downloading the video. You should now see a successful confirmation on the screen.

2. MyMedia File Manager Application

– Download MyMedia File Manager from the App Store.

– Copy the tweet link. You can do this in your Twitter app or browser.

– Open MyMedia, tap the address bar at the top, and

– Paste the tweet URL into the appropriate box and tap download.

– Scroll and paste the ads, and then tap download to the video.

– tap Download the file.

– Enter any video file name and save.

– The download will begin now and after it is complete, tap Back from the top right corner. Tap Media at the bottom.

– You’ll see the video file here, tap the video, and choose Save on the camera roll. You must grant the app permissions to access Photos if prompted. Tap Open in Other Apps or Export File to share the video directly from here.

How to download Twitter videos on Android

– Install Download Twitter Videos from Google Play Store.

– Open the Twitter app and visit the Tweet.

– Tap the small share > Tweet icon by > Choose Download Twitter.

– Gives access permissions, then a video quality (HD = high definition), if the video starts playing, tap the back button.

– The download will now begin immediately. The video file will be saved in the photo app from your Android phone’s gallery.

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