Tuesday, April 23

Lizol Floor Cleaners: Which One is Best?

Complete Cleaning And Disinfection

Keeping a clean and germ-free environment is the secret to living a healthy life. According to the World Health Organisation, regular cleaning and sanitation can prevent a number of infectious diseases, including respiratory and gastrointestinal ailments. The worst of the pandemic is behind us and the biggest takeaway is to maintain a clean and sanitised environment.

Cleaning our homes, offices, and schools regularly is paramount and the importance of housekeeping in maintaining our personal and community health takes precedence as well. This also brings into sharp focus the decisions we make about buying cleaning products. Read More hvac service in orange county, ca.

Why Pick Lizol?

Floors are some of the most easily dirtied or muddied surfaces of our homes, offices, schools, hotels, restaurants, or medical centres. The high footfall makes floors naturally attract dirt, dust, grime, food spills, and germs. It is important to pick a strong and effective product in cleaning but just as good at keeping disease-causing pathogens at bay. The one product trusted by millions of home and office administrators across the country for this purpose comes from the well-known and well-loved brand, Lizol. But why pick Lizol? Let’s take a look.

The Lizol Advantage

The Lizol Floor and Surface Disinfectant Cleaner comes with a set of advantages that makes it the best choice for your home or office cleaning needs.

  • Easy Cleaning – One capful of Lizol concentrate in half a bucket of water will give you a strong solution perfect for mopping, cleaning, and sanitisation. This solution is ideal for daily cleaning and removes dirt and dust. For stubborn stains and mud marks, you can use Lizol directly and rinse in 5 minutes. Lizol makes mopping and cleaning surfaces quick and easy.
  • Germ-free Protection The Indian Medical Association recommends the use of Lizol. It kills 100 disease-causing germs with every use and has been proven effective against the COVID-19 virus. Lizol is a potent antimicrobial and also a fungicide. Not only does it eliminate 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, but it also removes fungi growing in the dark, damp corners and prevents their growth, like cupboards, nooks, and storage spaces.
  • Multipurpose Product The greatest advantage of adding Lizol to your cleaning and sanitation toolkit is its ability to replace a number of other products. Not only is it a great floor cleaner, but it can also be used to clean and disinfect a number of other surfaces like tiles, sinks, countertops, railings and bannisters and doorknobs. It can be used on hard surfaces such as granite, stone, ceramic, and stainless-steel surfaces.
  • Choice of Fragrance Most chemical cleaners leave behind a harsh and unpleasant smell when you sanitise the room or the surfaces. This makes the environment difficult to live in or work from. Lizol comes with the Active Bloom formula that keeps your rooms smelling fresh and fragrant long after cleaning. The Lizol Floor and Surface Disinfectant Cleaner is available in a number of fragrances – Tulsi, Neem, Pine, Sandal, Floral, Lavender, Jasmine and Citrus.
  • Better than the Best Using Lizol cleaner can leave you assured about the health and safety of your family, staff, and customers. It offers ten times better cleaning than other products such as phenyls and detergents.

The classic Lizol Surface and Floor Disinfectant cleaner is the best product you can add to your inventory.

Other Lizol Products

Apart from the Lizol Disinfectant Surface Cleaner, other Lizol products that make a great addition to your cleaning toolkit include –

  • Lizol Power Cleaner – The Lizol Power Cleaner range has three amazing products. These are the Lizol All Purpose Power Cleaner, the Lizol Kitchen Power Cleaner, and the Lizol Bathroom Power Cleaner. These are concentrated cleaners available in spray bottles that are just right for cleaning a number of surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, and other parts of your home and office.
  • Lizol Cement Surface Cleaner – The Lizol Cement Surface Cleaner is just right for cement floors and surfaces like the floors of garages, warehouses and play areas. It cleans dirt and mud and completely disinfects cement surfaces without damaging them.

Dettol Pro Solutions

If you are an office, school, or hospital administrator, you can save on your budget by ordering Lizol Floor Cleaner through the Dettol Pro Solutions website. The site is designed to help administrators create a basket of Reckitt Benckiser products that suit their individual requirements and cleaning needs. This includes products from brands such as Dettol, Lizol, and Harpic. Ordering in bulk through the site can help you avail of a 40% discount on the MRP of these products and save on shipping as well.