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How to Draw Pikachu Easily

How to Draw Pikachu. Pokemon seems to have conquered the world! Since 1996, Pokémon have dominated the media across video games, TV series, movies, toys, and just about anything else you can think of.

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If you ask someone what Pokémon comes to mind, many would immediately think of Pikachu.

There are many iconic Pokémon, but the adorable Pikachu is the most recognizable mascot for the entire series.

Just look at the AMAZING drawing my SUPER COOL nephew made for me!! He’s so talented!

If you’re one of the many Pikachu fans, you should learn how to draw him, but you must know where to start!

How to Draw Pikachu

Step 1

To learn how to draw Pikachu, let’s start with his head. If you want additional guidance, you can draw a circle with a light-colored pen to act as a guide.

Next, we start his header with three lines. The line on top of his head will be slightly curved, while the two on the sides will be a bit wavier.

Once it looks like the reference image, we can move on to step 2!

Step 2

Pikachu has prominent pointed ears, and we’ll add them to your Pikachu drawing for this next step.

In the previous step, we left two small gaps between the lines of his head; you can add his ears to those gaps. To add his ears, you can use curved lines ending in a point, as seen in the picture.

Step 3

Now that you have the Pikachu drawing’s head and ears, you can add his arms and body.

Like in the first step, you can use a light-colored pencil to draw an oval shape under his head to help you get the right body size.

Starting on his arms, you can add a slightly curved line below his head.

Then just add some dots for her fingers. You can then finish his arm with another line running down his body.

Once you repeat this step for the other arm, you can use two curved lines under his arms to create his body, as in the reference image.

Step 4

You can add his feet to the next step in our how-to-draw Pikachu guide. Pikachu’s feet are tiny and close to his body, with no leg between them and his body.

You can use two curved lines for each foot of your drawing of Pikachu and then add another line for his lower body.

Step 5

Another aspect of Pikachu that makes him so iconic is his lightning-shaped tail. It helps show that he has the power of electricity, and now we’re going to add that to your drawing of Pikachu.

His tail might take some practice to get the right shape, so you should practice on another piece of paper before drawing it on your Pikachu.

It consists of some straight and jagged lines that form the shape of its tail. Once you’ve added his tail, you can use two short lines near the top of his ears since the tips are a different color than the rest of his ears.

Step 6

We will add a face and some final details for this penultimate step of our guide on drawing Pikachu.

For eyes, he has two small circles quite far apart on his face. You can draw a small circle inside each one to show a twinkle in their eyes.

You can then draw a little nose for him that looks like a cat’s nose. Its mouth consists of two curved lines, including a long shape indicating its mouth is open.

The final elements of her face are two circles on her cheek that you can color in later. Once his face is done, you can finish it with some lines on his feet to show the toe split.

Step 7

You have learned how to draw Pikachu with these last few details! However, your Pikachu drawing still needs to be finished, and now you can have tons of fun bringing it to life with a few colors.

Pikachu is a brightly colored character made up of bright yellows and browns and a gorgeous blush for his cheeks.

Our image shows you their typical color scheme so you can follow along for accuracy or get creative with your color choices!

Once you’ve decided on your colors, you can experiment with different artistic means!

Mediums like acrylic paints, crayons, and pencils would be great for this image as they would help the colors pop.

Your Pikachu Drawing is Finished!

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