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Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Vs. Salesforce: Which One to Choose?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Sales force remains the undisputed market leader in CRM sales, with roughly 24% of the total market in 2021. While Microsoft Dynamics 365 still has some ground to makeup, the platform has a great reputation for stability and efficiency.

While finding a one-size-fits-all CRM solution for every firm is difficult, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation has worked hard to make its software-as-a-service (SaaS) CRM flexible to businesses of various sizes and industries, from small startups to huge corporations. Let’s compare Sales force with Dynamics to understand each platform’s benefits better.

What Are the Similarities between Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs. Sales force?

The core features of both MS Dynamics CRM and Sales force are somehow similar. Both software can easily handle account management, social customer service, territory management, field management, and sales forecasting. The products also offer their app marketplaces, where you can choose numerous business tools that can help extend the ability of your CRM platform, and you can utilize the platform at its best.

Software, MS Dynamics CRM and Sales force, are primarily licensed in Software-as-a-Service version; hence can streamline your business process depending on your business size. However, large companies commonly use both software. 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs. Sales force: What are the Differences?


Sales force was designed from the ground up to be a cloud CRM application. This software is excellent if you want to save your data on a remote server and use browser-based and mobile-ready software. However, if you prefer to buy the license outright and run the programme on your own servers, Sales force is not a viable solution.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is more adaptable in terms of customization and implementation. They provide Sales and Service in a totally cloud-based edition, while other 365 universe alternatives, such as Finance and Operations, are available with on-premises versions. The shift to predominantly cloud-hosted product versions has occurred recently as more businesses rely on public and private cloud hosting, and there is less demand for on-premises server boxes.

Elasticity and Integrations

Typically, the prevailing view is that Sales force has an advantage when it comes to addressing integration or tailoring the platform for use in various industries. The Sales force AppExchange has approximately 2,600 apps, including connectivity with the Sales force marketing cloud. Sales force also provides a partner programme and associated platforms to assist organizations and in-house developers in developing unique solutions on the Sales force platform.

Microsoft AppSource has made significant investments in in-app connections and is gaining ground on Sales force’s choices. The software also integrates with Microsoft Power BI and PowerApps. Your company’s present investment in Microsoft software solutions may win the integrations and flexibility battle for you, especially if your team already has unique Microsoft apps running the business.

Sales force connects to several Microsoft programmes, but the native integration and connections provided by Dynamics 365 have distinct advantages. If your team is looking for connections with various apps and technologies, Sales force can interact successfully with most third-party tools.

Artificial and Machine Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automated intelligence are two capabilities that really set Microsoft Dynamics Engagement and Sales force apart from the rest of the CRM pack. Sales force and Microsoft both have enterprise-level resources at their disposal to build or buy AI solutions that will assist in making their sales and service products smarter.

Microsoft AI tools are incorporated into both the Sales and Service components of the Dynamics 365 solution, offering natural language parsing and intelligent sales prediction.

Choose The Best CRM Solution For Your Business

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