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Taking Stock of the Reformation

For women. Reformation is a go-to label for summer dresses and breezy tops. And durable denim. Externally. The brand presents itself as an environmentally responsible enterprise. That prioritizes the creation of clothing. That is both environmentally and socially responsible. Over the years, Reformation has amassed a massive following.

Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Margo Robbie. As well as well-known Youtubers and Instagram fashion bloggers like Ashley from Best dressed and Mia Maples have all worn pieces from Reformation’s collection. Which has amassed over 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

Is the Reformation name trustworthy? To help you decide if Reformation Coupon is a good addition to your closet. We’ve compiled information about the company. The clothing they sell, and how satisfied customers have been with their purchases.

Historical Context of the Reformation

From its modest beginnings in 2009. Reformation has grown into a major fashion player. Yael Aflalo, is a former fashion model and the founder of the lauded label. Started the company in the store’s back room in Los Angeles, California, by upcycling dresses purchased at thrift stores and vintage boutiques.

The sustainable methodology behind Reformation was first brought to her attention during a dinner party conversation. Yael was inspired by a discussion about fashion’s effect on the environment to learn more about the industry’s standard manufacturing process and its commitment to ethics and sustainability.

Yael then reintroduced the company with an emphasis on sustainability. Celebrities like Karlie Kloss, Taylor Swift, and Rihanna showed interest in the brand after it maintained its original youthful, minimalist, and low-maintenance aesthetic.

What we would like to wear right now is the first step in the design process. “We source the most beautiful and sustainable fabrics possible to bring those designs to life as quickly as possible,” reads a statement on the Reformation website.

Let’s go over some initial pros and cons before diving into this Reformation analysis:


  • Fashion labels committed to social and environmental responsibility
  • General approval and high praise
  • Cooperating with ThredUp so that customers can sell their gently-used Reformation clothing for credit towards future purchases
  • carries high-quality vintage garments in a special section labeled “Reformation Vintage.”
  • All express orders ship free of charge.


  • Its prices are significantly higher than those of competing clothing retailers.

Reformation has a wide variety of dresses for any occasion, from a casual day at the park to a formal wedding. Pieces from their collection include dresses, jeans, jumpsuits, tops, sweaters, skirts, swimwear, shoes, and lingerie.

In this Reformation review, we’ll take a look at some of the brand’s best-selling tops, bottoms, and jeans.

Evaluate: Reformation Dresses

In the year 2020, cottage core will be the most popular home style. And why wouldn’t you love it? Floral patterns, ruffles, sweetheart necklines, slits in the skirts of dresses, and other ethereal details characterize this classic summer romance style.

There is a strong desire for Reformation dresses among Instagram fashionistas. Some of the most popular works from the Reformation will be highlighted in this analysis.

Do We Really Need a Reformation?

This Reformation review hopes to persuade you to give their one-of-a-kind summer and spring dresses. As well as their other classic pieces, a try. Dresses, blouses, jeans, and tops that are popular on Instagram and Tik Tok are all part of their collection.

Brands like Reformation exist so that you can “buy a scenario outfit.” I was looking through their inventory when the thought occurred to me. That this dress would be great for a girls’ day out.

Companies that care about their impact on the world and their customers’ ethics will always come out on top. The Reformation goes further than that idea by specifying the fabric type used in the description of each item. Discreetly placed information about the eco-friendliness of organically grown cotton and jersey knits on a few products is a great way to both educate and inspire customers to make a positive purchase.

Though Reformation has had sizing issues. No company should be judged solely on the basis of its worst mistakes. Additionally, many customers have provided positive feedback regarding the products’ sizing and the boost in self-assurance it has provided. According to this review. You should definitely consider purchasing this brand.

Reformation: Where to Buy It

The sells clothing. Which can be purchased either on their website ( or at the following retailers:

  • Alterations at Nordstrom
  • Revamping the ThredUp
  • Net-A-Porter, a New Beginning
  • Farfetch, a New Start

Is there a place to shop at Reformation?

Stores can be found all over the world, including in Canada and London in addition to the United States. Their website features a comprehensive directory of all of their physical locations.

Tell me about the Reformation’s return policy

Reformation will give you a complete refund for any U.S. online purchases you make as long as the original tags are still on the merchandise. The standard return policy is 21 days. Payments will refunded in the same way. They were received. However, items from the apothecary, underwear, pierced jewelry, and climate credits categories are not accepted as returns during the Reformation.

You can process customer returns through a dedicated section of their website. It is also possible for purchasers to request a refund or exchange their purchases.

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