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The Ultimate Guide to hiring a professional Managed IT Support and ICT Services

Managed IT Support is a task managed by a third party, usually as part of a company’s IT service. The managed service model is a way to outsource general tasks to a specialist to reduce costs, improve service quality, or free up internal teams to perform business-specific tasks. Efficient data solutions help your business modernize backup and restore operations. We offer solutions that allow you to grow your data with comprehensive protection, so you can grow your business seamlessly as your data needs grow. 

Additionally, it will lower your costs, allow you to take advantage of the cloud, and be compatible with your existing software and systems. Isnesei provides the highest level of security for your corporate data. We provide a wide range of managed IT support to businesses across the country. Many companies choose to entrust us with their managed IT services to benefit from our high level of customer service.

What are the benefits of using Managed IT Support services?

Ours managed IT support benefits both large organizations and small businesses; new and established businesses. Some of the benefits of using our managed IT support services:

  • Closing the skill gap

Our Managed IT Support services can be useful for teams that don’t have the time, in-house skills or experience to manage certain business functions themselves, or who choose to focus their efforts on initiatives. Relying on an expert to provide service allows your team to focus on innovation without getting bogged down in routine tasks.

  • Cost savings

Many managed services come with varying levels of cloud spending. But our services can save you money on staffing and training. Our service prices for other managed services are usually included in a flat monthly fee. Hiring a managed services company instead of creating in-house IT operations can be cheaper and costs can be more predictable, which is useful for budgeting.

  • Reliability

You can worry less about outages because a managed service provider is responsible for service availability at all times. Managed IT support and services are all provided within Isensei, so it’s clear what’s going to happen and when. The in-house IT team often takes on a lot of responsibility, but MSPs can focus on perfecting their specific service delivery. This means focusing on service health and security, and applying patches and upgrades as needed.

How can you benefit from our school ICT services?

Working closely with schools, local education authorities, and trusts, the Isnesei team aims to provide a full range of ICT services for schools. In addition to our basic ICT support plans, Isensei also has a comprehensive portfolio of ICT services, installation services, and procurement management. We can supply and install a full line of quality brand hardware at wholesale prices for education. 

Most hardware, including laptops, interactive whiteboards, and educational products, are available for next-day delivery and urgent delivery by us. Our professional installation team installs projectors in most locations, including flat roofs and high ceilings to install a projector in classrooms, as well as custom AV setups for classrooms. Let our experienced IT instructors help you and your colleagues master interactive whiteboard software with professional training right in the classroom.

What is the role of ICT services for schools?

ICT services for schools and educational institutions differ from those for other business sectors. The benefits of effective technology solutions in schools are enormous, especially as ICTs are deeply embedded in school curricula. And as staff and students have greater needs and expectations of powered computing, it’s important to have the right technical solutions in place to improve their experience. 

The effective use of IT plays a central role in all important educational policies implemented by the Department of Education, including literacy and numeracy curricula and strategies. This is where an experienced managed IT service partner comes in. There are many options for outsourcing IT support to schools – ICT services are fully outsourced, where we work with your in-house IT department, as an extension of your team. Whether you are looking for IT support providers for the first time or want to gauge the value of your existing contract, we understand that for many people this is a big decision! We are here to guide you in your search.

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