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Top 5 Unique Ideas for Virtual Team Building

Corporate houses have to work hard to ensure that different teams interact with each other and have team bonding. With over 150% rise in remote employment work-from-home options, companies need to plan an integrated strategy to keep everyone engaged. The best solution for integrating your team spread across the globe is to host Virtual Team Building Games.

There are many Online Team Building Games that one can conduct, like trivia night or comedy night. For organizing, much research goes into choosing a list of Online Team bonding games performed. Organizers can run a survey to find out about the different games that employees like; they can organize mini-game sessions online to find the success rate of other games. However, there are some Virtual Team Building Games that are loved by the majority of the employees. Some of the entertaining and unique team-building games that can be conducted online are mentioned below-

Build the world on the map

It is one of the edutainment games that you can conduct virtually. Employees are often divided into teams like the IT team, research, and Development team. You can ask the different groups to build the world map under the given timeframe. Participants need to interact with each other to put the countries on the map in the right places. So, you can expect open communication, the rush of thrill, and many countries in this challenge. To spice up the event, you can also hire virtual hosts who will keep the event running smoothly and light-heartedly.

House tours across the globe

Who isn’t curious about how people in other countries live? Corporate houses can conduct virtual house tours in different countries if they have a global team. It helps understand the country better and breaks many false perceptions that one might have about the other country. House tours in different countries can benefit people planning to shift to a particular country, and they will understand the housing situation and expenses better.

Employees also get an insight into the culture and family relationships. For example, if you get a house tour of an Asian country, then the majority of the youngsters live with their parents while in a house from a western country, you might expect youngsters to live alone, with their partners, or with their roommates. It is one of the Online Team Building Games for global teams.

The lightning scavenger hunt

The scavenger hunt has to be and breaks the all-time favorite of many people growing up. Now and then, a good round of scavenger hunts leaves us reminiscing our childhood memories. The upgraded version of the scavenger hunt apt for the virtual team building session is called “The Lightning Scavenger Hunt.” The participants are given a list of some essential household items like a pan, a teddy bear, or the last book they read within the given time. You can also choose to announce the objects and see who comes with the thing first.

The amazing murder mystery

Solving murder mysteries or being a part of murder mystery trivia is always fun. You can enact a character or be a team of detectives to solve the murder. People always love to act as a detective, so you can poke their inner detective and solve a murder mystery together. The teams have to work against the clock to solve the mystery.

Teams need to read the files, visit the crime scene, look out for clues, make an observation and solve the case. You can get a chance to analyze the strength of the individual members which can prove helpful shortly when the corporate will discuss new projects.

Escape the mighty room

Escape rooms are one of the most challenging games that need teamwork to find the exit. Virtual escape rooms are more difficult as people cautiously observe the escape route on a small screen. So, escape rooms are an excellent mental exercise for the team.


There are many options available for virtual games. People need to be selective while making the list of Online Team bonding games. If you are associated with the company for a long time, you know what people love. If you are new to the company, you can book a virtual game session online for the corporate teams.

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