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What Is the Significance of Event Wristbands?

Are you planning to host an event? Tickets and wristbands are the two most popular ways to track attendee entry to your event. But, which one to choose? Most event planners are familiar with tickets, but wristbands are becoming quite popular nowadays. You probably already know that a Wristband is a circle made of paper or other material like Silicone, Plastic, or Vinyl that participants can wear on their wrists. But wristbands come in many shapes and sizes. Wristbands can not only be made of different materials but can also have different technology behind them. While wristbands look awesome and you can fit smart technology into them, are they more useful than tickets? Correct, but it depends. Tickets remain a valuable asset to event planners, but there are situations where the wristbands make more sense.

What are the benefits of event wristbands? 

Events come in many different sizes, shapes, and purposes. Some of the most common examples include corporate events like trade shows, conferences, and public events like concerts, festivals, and sporting events. Whatever the purpose, there is always a lot of work to be done to plan, organize and execute the event. Event wristbands may seem unimportant on the broader level of things, but the truth is quite the opposite. Event wristbands are an important tool that can be beneficial no matter what your event is. They can help with everything from security and accessibility to identity and cost.

Wristbands For Security

Both large and small events require security measures. The wristband is an easy tool to use when trying to organize where someone should be. They’re hard to hide, so you can tell right away if someone needs to be kicked out of your event. Try making wristbands for events in a variety of colors and designs. If you serve alcohol and minors attend your event, you can even get an “Age Verified” wristband. This will help your bar staff identify who needs a drink quickly and efficiently.

Identification Wristband

You can do other colors for VIPs. This allows you to quickly identify VIPs and direct them to certain areas of your site. The star design is visually appealing and helps your VIPs feel like superstars. Most wristbands are reusable, especially plastic ones. You can ask your event guests to reuse their wristbands. When you see a person with your old wristband, you know they are a loyal customer of yours. You can also use different wrist strap designs according to height requirements. Color can determine if someone is tall enough to perform a carnival ride.

Saved Resources

Printing tickets in just two days can cost you hundreds of dollars. It can take hours to print them all, and many of them end up in landfills. Your guests can bring them back the next day and they won’t need new ones. If you need to buy extra ones, you can buy several hundred for a low price.


Wristbands can replace paper tickets or badges. If someone put their hand in their pocket, it could easily tear their ticket. In addition, ink can sometimes run, making it difficult to read your paper ticket. You can use the wristband for events like Coldplay Concerts. Concerts, business conferences, and festivals are popular. But you can even use the wristband for school gatherings, family gatherings, and performing arts. Our Xylobands wristbands are designed to last for a long period. They are waterproof and tamper-proof. Once on the wrist, they are very difficult to remove, making them difficult to steal.

In The End,

Event Wristbands are versatile tools for the event industry. Security guards can easily screen attendees in seconds. You can use the wristband to quickly identify people and grant or restrict their access. You can get custom designs for VIP guests. You can recognize the design in the crowd and chat instantly. Bracelets are perfect for multi-day events because they last a long time. You don’t need to print multiple sets of tickets. They are weather resistant and are hard to steal. For your next event, choose Xylobands products that offer a wide variety of wristbands including Silicone Wristbands. Browse our selection of high-quality event wristbands today.

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