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Where Can You Buy the Best Quality Italian and Calacatta Marble?

It is true that the most famous marble in the world comes from Italy, more precisely from the Carrara region. Italian marble is in high demand. It is beautiful, durable, and carries a reputation for luxury. For this reason, many people prefer authentic Italian marble. Italian marble is considered by many to be high-class due to its purity, durability and beautiful white color. The fact that many buildings, sculptures, and other works of art made from Carrara marble centuries ago have survived to this day is considered a testament to its longevity. 

Part of the reason for the purity and durability of Italian marble is the way it is formed. Marble is basically crystalline limestone. The intense heat destroys most of the impurities ever present in the rock. There are still large sections of white marble with veins of different colors running through them. The color and intensity of the veins vary depending on the amount and type of minerals present in the limestone. 

Italian Marble

This naturally varies depending on where the marble is placed, making each marble slab completely unique. Another reason why Italian marble is considered superior is simply because of Italy’s rich stoneworking heritage. At Carrara Marble, we offer the best quality Italian marble at the best price. We have a wide range of Italian marble. So if you need the best quality Italian marble visits our website and contact us.

What Type of Calacatta Marble Do We Have?

This type of marble was favored by the famous Italian sculptor Michelangelo. Associated with luxury, elegance and sophistication, Calacatta marble is used as a status symbol in residential and commercial buildings around the world. At Carrara Marble, the production of Calacatta marble is infinitely controlled. Some quarries produce Calacatta marble superior to others. We have different types of Carrara marble which has a silver-gray background with soft veining while Calacatta marble has a white background with bold veining. And these Calacatta marbles types are:- 

  • Calacatta Oro

Calacatta Oro features a soft milky white background that sets the stage for the beautiful, dramatic honey-colored veining that has been the symbol of this classic stone for centuries.


Calacatta marble

  • Alto Calacatta

A luxurious marble, Calacatta Viola captivates the viewer with its beautiful burgundy, uneven pink and white veins. 

  • Calacatta Gold

Calacatta Gold is an exclusive white marble that is a feast for the eyes with its dark brown veining occasionally dotted with gold on a milky white background.

  • Calacatta Borghini

One of the most sought-after marbles in the world exuding luxury and elegance, the exclusive Calacatta Borghini has the distinctive look of a smooth white field combined with golden veins and dark gray honey. 

  • Belgian Calacatta

The Calacatta Belga has a graceful appearance, featuring medium gray cobwebs.

  • Additional Calacatta

Calacatta Extra is one of the most popular Calacatta marbles. With beautiful veining details from gold to gray, this marble is spectacular when used to combine walls with neighborhoods and books. 

  • Calacatta Manhattan

Calacatta Manhattan is an elegant and sophisticated white marble characterized by gray, light blue and cream-oriented vein accents. It’s the perfect partner for any design.

Why should you buy Marble tiles from Carrara Marble?

The wide variety of marble tiles available at Carrara marble can easily make your interior stylish and you don’t need to choose natural marble. The price range of marble tiles is very cheap and affordable. Marble tiles are much easier to clean and maintain than natural stone. Buying bricks online is no different than buying any other item. With the explosion of online and offline business, you can find almost anything online. 

We strongly recommend buying directly from the company’s website as it is a more reliable source. Buying directly from the site has many advantages, including easy replacements, free consultations, hassle-free transactions, and even relationship building allowing you to have a more personalized experience. If the store you choose doesn’t sell directly from that store’s website, you can still buy from Carrara Marble. So, if you are looking for a professional online place to buy marble tiles, visit our website and contact us.

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