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Why does Moon Necklaces Have a Special Place In Recent & Modern Jewellery?

Modern jewelry can feel less meaningful at times than special and affectionate designs from the past. Astronomical designs such as star and moon pieces are available in a variety of styles today, whether it’s earrings, pendants, or brooches – but in reality, this jewelry has been popular for hundreds of years. The crescent moon is said to represent Selene, the feminine moon goddess, and to symbolize female empowerment in Greek mythology.

The moon also represents fertility and regeneration. Women who wanted to conceive would pray to the moon goddess Selene for assistance in bringing new life into the world. The slender curves of the crescent shape were interpreted in Roman mythology to represent Diana, the goddess of the hunt. Diana is also associated with virginity and purity, both of which were highly regarded. The moon is the yin to the sun’s yang in Chinese philosophy, demonstrating how the female moon and the male sun can perfectly balance each other despite being opposites.

When did Crescent moon jewelry become popular?

During the Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian eras, the crescent moon was extremely popular. Antique jewelry from these eras is quite popular with hidden messages, symbolism, and sentiment. The Victorians perfected the art of jewelry symbolism, which used motifs, flowers, and gems to discreetly communicate sometimes complex messages. Crescent moons were frequently used in Victorian jewelry to represent spirituality and the adoration of the Feminine Moon Goddess. While the stars represented direction and guidance for the spirit.

Because the moon has multiple lunar phases, the crescent moon was also used to represent change. The Industrial Revolution was taking place at the time, and women were starting to leave their traditional roles and enter the workforce, laying the groundwork for modern-day female empowerment and rights.

How should I wear my moon Necklace?

Silver Moon necklace can and do look great worn alone as an everyday worn necklace, or for those who prefer a simple and understated look, but the crescent moon shape makes it the perfect layering piece. The uniqueness of a silver moon necklace of crescent shape makes it an excellent choice for layering with other charm necklaces such as stars. As a layering base, use a short 16′′ bead chain or a 14′′ choker chain to achieve the layered look. Then, to complete the look, add 2-3 small pendant necklaces on 16′′ or 18′′ chains, and the larger pendants on a 20′′ or 26′′ long chain.

Modern jewelry can appear simple compared to earlier styles. It is about adapting to a new and modern lifestyle that allows people to wear beautiful and iconic jewelry every day. Whether simple or expensive, the visual appeal of jewelry enhances one’s natural beauty. Astronomical jewelry, such as star and moon jewelry, now comes in a variety of designs and has been popular for hundreds of years. Sometimes you can see people wearing them and wonder why these items are so popular.

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