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The Best Private Tuition In London Is Right Here At Carpe Diem Education Ltd

The 7 plus exam is a selective entrance examination for children who want to attend one of London’s top schools. If the application is successful, the child will begin Year 3 in September. Exam dates vary, but they can begin as early as October and continue until January (while your child is in Year 2). Our Private Tuition in London has achieved outstanding results and continue to provide the highest quality tuition to our youngest students to prepare them for the 7 plus & 11 plus entrance examination

Is tuition required for Your child to pass the 7+ entrance exam?

A significant amount of preparation is required to ensure that your child is fully prepared to take the 7+ entrance exam. Your child must be well prepared. Parents, schools, or tutors can all help with this. Your child must be willing to devote themself to their studies. Of course, at such a young age, parents may find this challenging. However, we’ve discovered that children rise to the best and enjoy the experience of a private tutor. Therefore, if you are searching for the best 7 Plus Tuition in London, Carpe Diem Education Ltd is there for you.

Why Choose Carpe Diem Education Ltd?

Carpe Diem Education Ltd may be right for you for the following reasons:

  • For starters, we have the necessary experience to assist students in a variety of learning situations. Because education is a complex thing, we hire tutors with specific skills and abilities.
  • We understand the examination assessment criteria as well as the learning objectives for each year group. We know when a child exceeds or legs behind, allowing us to prepare learning strategies accordingly. We are aware of each student’s learning needs.
  • We encourage our students to be curious about their study level
  • With our structured topic-based approach, we have established a strong reputation in competitive areas such as the 11-plus exams.
  • Because we want to provide the highest quality tuition possible, all of our tutors are subject specialists who have been carefully selected through a complex selection process. DBS ( Disclosure and Barring Service) checks are performed on all tutors.

Our Specialties & Commitments

We started our tuition services to ensure that students did not fall behind. Commitment is essential for developing strong academic foundations in any student. Carpe Diem Education Ltd is committed to assisting parents and students in achieving their educational goals. However, we also want our students to attend classes regularly so that they can achieve their goals and receive our guidance. We set our prices to be affordable to our clients and demonstrate the exceptional value that we provide. Education is a useful investment that is fruitful for a long time. Many of our former students have gone on to attend prestigious universities, and some have even returned to work for us. Whether you are looking for the best Maths or Science Tuition in London, Carpe Diem Education Ltd is right here.

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